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Welcome to Leo Birthday.

Leo Sun Sign progressed into Virgo

Creative, impressive, powerful, Generous and warm-hearted.
Genuine and enthusiastic.
Broad-minded and expansive.
Faithful and loving. Pompous and patronizing. Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant.

Don't forget that worry is second nature to Virgoans, so it will be a pity if it clouds the normally positive Leonine outlook.

They should watch for this, and enjoy adding Virgoan analysis and concern for detail to their considerable organizational abilities. Leo enthusiasm and optimism will not be dimmed, but they may become slightly more cautious and a little less dramatic.

Those whose creative talent has been expressed through manual dexterity or who enjoy working with their hands, should find their practical ability increases.

This will also be seen in other areas of life, stabilizing the Leonine outlook and perhaps adding some caution and discrimination about money. This will be welcome, especially if it comes at a time when the Leo's earning ability is growing.

The additional common sense will help them when they think of long-term savings, insurance, mortgages or similar projects. When a Leo Ascendant progresses to Virgo there is a good chance that some of the Leo dogmatism will be modified and introspection will appear instead.

A need to serve and help others may also come to the fore and allied to the Leonine organizational ability, this may well result in positive, down-to-earth contributions to organizations or charities.

In this way, the Virgo influence is positive and should help temper the innate Leo egotism.


Coping with fussy or pedantic details is usually difficult for Leos. However, when the Sun progresses from Leo into Virgo these people are able to assess situations more carefully, and are far less likely to adopt sweeping generalizations.

They can also be more successfully self-critical, recognizing any tendencies to self-satisfaction, especially over creative work and take a much more objective and logical attitude to life.

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