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Leo Sun Sign in a Partnership

Creative, impressive, powerful, Generous and warm-hearted.
Genuine and enthusiastic.
Broad-minded and expansive.
Faithful and loving. Pompous and patronizing. Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant.

Someone with different and stimulating ideas and ambitions would be perfect to keep the mentally active Leo on the ball. If a partner is outstanding in his or her own right, either because of success or some other characteristic, such as great beauty, then so much the better.

The subject can then bask in the reflected glory. Domination of partners is a possibility with Leos that cannot be underestimated. It may be well meant, as their intention is to bring out the best in the other person, but nevertheless, this can cause problems in relationships.

Leos tend to want to wear the trousers much of the time but can be surprisingly sensitive, and be hurt very easily. This is often because they are emotionally idealistic. They can be wonderfully supportive and are often a real "power behind the throne".

Leos like to be worshipped and to be the center of attention and these traits invariably lead to disappointed at times in relationships.

Leos can also take criticism very much to heart. Exuberant enjoyment and pleasure are gained from sex and Leos can be very romantic and even dramatic in their expression of love. Leos prefer to be wined, dined and then seduced in luxury!

The ideal partner for Leo has a strong and independent mind, against which the subject can sharpen his or her wits.
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