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Leo Sun Sign in a Family

Creative, impressive, powerful, Generous and warm-hearted.
Genuine and enthusiastic.
Broad-minded and expansive.
Faithful and loving. Pompous and patronizing. Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant.

This self-assertion however, is not quite as strong as it seems and it is surprisingly easy to deflate the ego of young Leos. The Leo child needs praise and affection and can be crushed when a well-meaning adult severely criticizes a piece of work.

If you must criticize a Leo child do so with affection and humor, otherwise you will severely diminish his or her self-confidence.

The Leonine stubborn streak must also be discouraged. Try to distinguish it from determination, which should be welcomed and encouraged. Leo enthusiasms lasts a lifetime, if a Leo child is interested in a particular subject or hobby, it is unlikely that it will ever be completely rejected.

It is therefore worthwhile and most important to nurture early interests. There may well be a keen interest in drama or other forms of art and music, which can lead to development in career later in life.

Leo parents are excellent at recognizing and encouraging their children's potential, but they must beware of forcing their own interests and enthusiasms on them.

They will insist on the highest standards, but must not expect more than can be given. Challenge is good, but incessant pressure is not.

Children can be a very significant part of life for many Leos and parenting a most important role.

The sunny disposition and ready enthusiasm of a Leo child appears at a very early age, and can be quite delightful. Natural organizational ability soon shows itself, but parents should watch for any tendency towards bossiness in their Leo offspring.

They may be seen putting the whole playschool in its place. They can tend to try and manage siblings and dominate the family environment.
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